About this Blog

Because Gary Nickerson is passionate about the importance of scientific methodology and rigor when examining issues, policy debate, and political discourse, he publishes Evidence Based Blog. He believes that reason and science, once the foundation of political discourse among our founding fathers, is now under attack by political and religious extremists and appears to be losing ground in public discourse today. The goal of his blog is to be part of the movement to bring fact-based discourse back to the social and political spheres.

This blog will focus on environmental and economic issues, about which Gary is passionate and knowledgeable. But it will also take on other issues from time to time, when a dispassionate attempt to sort things out might be worthwhile.

About Gary

After college, Gary took a job, starting as a programmer and working his way up to a Senior Systems Analyst at the New York Fed, in part to pay for graduate school in economics and in part to learn skills that he expected to need in research. After earning his Masters he moved to a position as an Economist at the Fed. He then worked for more than a decade as a Program Officer at the Twentieth Century Fund supervising book-length policy studies, before moving to the New York City Criminal Justice Agency as a Senior Research Analyst.

During this time, Gary  taught economics and statistical methods as an adjunct at a number of colleges and universities in New York, including Long Island University and John Jay College of the City University of New York.

In the sixties, Gary was also active in the anti-Vietnam protests and in community political organizing. He became a member of the Union for Radical Political Economics in the seventies  and was on the National Committee for two years, an editor of URPE Journal for two years and was the principal editor of its Newsletter for two years.

Beginning in the early 1980’s, Gary began consulting for nonprofits in computer technology and, in the early 1990’s, he moved back into that area full-time, He is now semi-retired and volunteers much of his time with the Sierra Club in New York City where he is co-chair of the NYC Group’s communications committee. In that capacity he oversees the Group’s website and has contributed a number of posts to its blog, and its Facebook page and twitter feed.